Career Holding’s experts have started discussing crucial importance of human resources for innovative economic and social development since 1997.
Unfortunately, very few people that time were and today are fully aware of what and how – and why – we wanted to say and do – and do it by ourselves.
We have had to call upon national public institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan as our allies and, if judged by the status and level of debate on problems in the field of education in a broader context, Kazakhstan is at the forefront among the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe countries.
Today, our specialists are actively working to develop various elements of integral national qualification system in Kazakhstan. In particular, in 2010 developed drafted was the National Qualification Framework approved by the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan.
Given importance for Kazakhstan's oil and gas industry, Career Holding has leaded works on formation of sectoral qualification framework and professional oil and gas industrial standards together with such companies as Shell, Total, Exxon and others.
In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Career Holding has developed a concept of management of state assets in the field of vocational education – such an experience can be found nowhere else in Europe or in the CIS.
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