Human resources

One of the structural units of Caspian Projects Supply Company Ltd is Career-Holdings. 
Human Resource Centre “Career-Holdings” is the first "full cycle" recruitment agencies in Central Asia and in Kazakhstan. Since 1993 till present, we successfully provide search and recruiting of highly skilled personnel for virtually all Fortune 500 companies. 
In the 1997-2005, Career Holdings was the only organization in Central Asia provided comprehensive consulting services in human resources management and development. 
Motto – Fluent in people! What does "Easy, free communication with people and ability to understand them" mean? We rely on professional staff, both our own and that we deliver to our clients. Known to everyone saying: "Cadres are all-important!" defines our priorities. 
Our recruitment and personnel management services: 
• Executive search and recruitment – individualized approach to search and recruitment of executives and professionals 
• Search and recruitment of local staff (delivery of qualified senior staff mid-level managers, young graduates from leading local and foreign universities) 
• Engagement of foreign manpower, invitations, visas, support to staff staying in Kazakhstan 
• Outsourcing – transfer on a contractual basis of non-core functions to optimize basic process 
• Outstaffing – withdrawal of personnel from the staff of the company 
• Outplacement – social support program to laid off personnel 
• Staff leasing – providing employee to the position open for a relatively long period 
• Recruitment of temporary staff 
For further information please contact the coordinating manager

Angelika Berendeeva 
Tel: +7 (727) 298 04 84 


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